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NewTechWood Decking & Timber Screening

Recycled Timber Flooring Melbourne

Newtechwood is a stunningly gorgeous and eco-friendly alternative to traditional timber decking. It gives you the look of timber deck and the benefits of composite decking. Newtechwood decking is available in an array of colour tones to suit your taste and requirements.

At jaks timber, we take every effort to bring sustainable and eco-friendly products to our customers. In addition to our extensive range of recycled timber screening and decking products, we stock the complete range of Newtechwood composite decking products at our showroom in Melbourne.

NewTechWood offers a choice of hollow (Metro) and solid (XL) decking boards in Australia to suit all situations.

XL Range

The solid board, XL Range, is more suitable for commercial projects or when replacing existing decking on sub-frames with joist spacings up to 450mm. The 25mm thick XL grooved edge (US49) deck boards are finished with the US48 square edged profile.

The top of the decking boards are textured to give a more natural timber look and feel. The reverse side of the board is a smoother brushed finish.

New TechWood provide a range of finishing boards to use for fascias, picture framing, breaker boards, stairs and screening. Refer to the table below.

timber specs

Clip System

For a modern, clean look NewTechWood has designed a secret fix system where the clips are hidden in the gaps between the boards. The clip slides into the grooved edge of the board and is screwed into the joist.

New TechWood Australia provides the choice of two (2) different gap spacings between the boards – 5.5mm or the Mini-Gap 1mm spacing.

The TC-16 Clip system provides a uniform 5.5mm gap between boards, which is the standard for most decks in Australia.

The Mini-Gap Clip system with only a 1mm gap is perfect for commercial installations where public safety may be an issue. The smaller gap protects against high heels becoming lodged in the gap, and also prevents leaves or tree nuts from getting stuck between the boards.

newtechwood timber specs

What is Composite Timber Decking?

Composite timber decking is a man-made decking product that combines recycled wood fibers and an array of recycled plastic to produce a decking product that looks very much like real wood. These composite decking materials boast a lot of practical features compared to solid hardwood.

Whether you are looking for banister materials, patio decking solutions, railing materials or other decking options, composite decking is quickly becoming a favoured option.

Why Choose Newtechwood Screening and Decking?

Newtechwood decking looks beautiful all around the year and is extremely resistant to scratches, stains and fading. These beautiful deck boards feature an all round capping, makes them extremely durable and long lasting.

Furthermore, Newtechwood composite timber looks and feels more like timber than actual timber.

The best part is that it requires minimal maintenance. You won’t have to oil or paint it. Simply clean the Newtechwood decking by spraying a household cleaner once in six months and you’re done. You won’t have to do anything else. Cleaning food spills or trapped dirt is easy as well. Simply use a soft bristled brush and soapy water to remove spills and dirt.

Newtechwood timber screening and decking boards offer complete value for your money and an excellent investment for your outdoor space. Featuring a 25-year warranty, these decking boards will look stunning and function for years to come.

Newtechwood screening timber is an eco-friendly alternative to timber decking. Made of 95% recycled materials like recycled plastic and reclaimed wood fibres, Newtechwood timber saves 5.5 million kilos of plastic from being disposed of in the landfill.

Contact jaks Timber

jaks timber offers the best composite decking timber products in Melbourne. Should you have any questions about the Newtechwood line of products or need help choosing the right product, we are happy to help. Visit our showroom in South Melbourne to explore our range and for sound advice from our friendly staff. Click here or call (03) 9311 0541 now to schedule a visit.

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