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timber furniture Melbourne

Timber Furniture Unlike Melbourne has Ever Seen

People should always feel comfortable at home, and sometimes this means custom-made furniture. Jak’s Timber are the reclaimed and recycled timber furniture experts of Melbourne. Since 2014 Jak’s Timber has been one of the primary companies in the sustainable construction sector, and we’re proud to offer custom timber furniture that is functional, beautiful, and comfortable.

We’re dedicated to delivering amazing furniture, using the finest timber supplies from renewable and ethical sources. Our experience means that no matter what design or purpose furniture you have in mind, we can create it, ensuring quality, affordability, and sustainability.

Our business practises have always valued artistry, and so when you order from us you are guaranteed to receive a piece that is utterly unique, elegant, and charming. However the real benefit of Jak’s Timber furniture is made from timber, locally sourced from Melbourne. When you buy from Jak’s Timber, you’re supporting a local business, helping preserve our environment, and getting a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that will last a lifetime.

Recycled Timber Furniture Melbourne

Why Recycled Timber?

Australians are facing more frequent heat waves. Rain is becoming more torrential, leading to more flooding. People in coastal pacific towns are forced to relocate due to rising sea levels. As the seasons change with the climate, resources that humans rely on for food and fuel become less reliable, enhancing the chances of international conflicts to secure them. Extended mosquito seasons increase the risk of malaria, dengue fever, and other diseases. The unfortunate irony is that these are happening predominantly in marginalised, low socio-economic, and indigenous communities despite the fact they contributed the least to these events.

The timber industry contributes roughly 10% of the global carbon footprint. Trees store carbon dioxide the same way humans store food. When we cut trees down they release any carbon they’ve stored into the atmosphere like a very subtle Pandora’s Box. As carbon levels in the atmosphere rise, we can expect the humidity, tropical rain storms, and blistering heat of a pre-historic earth.

Doing business with Jak’s Timber gives you the assurance that your furniture came at no extra expenditure to the climate. The timber was procured ethically from carefully maintained sources, requiring no additional cutting of trees or harvesting of extraneous resources. When you buy custom timber furniture from Jak’s, no additional carbon has been released into our precious atmosphere, and we hope that as more companies switch to renewable materials, the world’s climate will once again become manageable.

Jak’s Timber

However, it’s not all doom-and-gloom. Recycled timber is not only environmentally friendly, it’s also devastatingly beautiful. Timber that’s been reclaimed or recycled has a very genuine quality to it, the stress and age of its previous use accentuating the timber’s natural features, creating something that is truly unique.

Jak’s Timber offers vanities, tables, benchtops, entertainment units, coffee tables, as well as commercial furniture suited for shops and other retail spaces.

If you’re looking for an ecologically sustainable, utterly genuine, and hand-crafted piece of custom furniture, contact Jak’s Timber, or call us on 0488 029 108.

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