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Recycled Timber Benchtops Melbourne

Kitchen Benchtops In Sunshine West

jaks timber manufactures custom timber benchtops that will add a stylish touch and warmth to any space. Timeless, natural and timeless, our custom timber benchtops can be made from new and recycled timber. 

As leading suppliers of recycled timber in Australia, we have a huge stock of reclaimed timber. With our vast wealth of experience in recycled timber products, we can manufacture to your specifications including edge profiling, cutouts and waterfall ends. 

Our recycled timber benchtops are handcrafted by our joinery team using proven techniques and state-of-the-equipment. Quality is guaranteed as we pay attention to every little detail right from the timber selection through to finishing.  

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kitchen benchtops


kitchen benchtops


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Recycled Timber Benchtops in Melbourne

Natural timber benchtops are a great addition to your home or commercial space. We are able to create timber benchtops for kitchens, study areas, offices, bathrooms, laundry and outdoor spaces.  

A timber benchtop is a perfect way to introduce a stylish piece of furniture to your property. We have handcrafted thousands of new as well as recycled timber kitchen benchtops and each piece is completely unique from the other. 

Stylish, Custom Built Benchtops

Our craftsmen have the skill, the experience and the equipment to bring your design to life. We use the finest quality timber for our benchtops. Whether you prefer new or recycled timber, expect the highest standards of quality, quick turnarounds and the best pricing.  

Simply ask and we will be happy to accommodate your customisation needs.  

Durable and Strong Recycled Timber Benchtops

All our timbers are completely kiln dried for strength and durability. Wood is natural tough, which makes it the perfect candidate for enduring the rigours of daily use. What’s more, your timber benchtop can be easily restored with minimal fuss. A quick sanding and refinish job will help restore your timber benchtop.  

Why Choose jaks timber?

Here at jaks timber, we are sustainability advocates and love the idea of breathing a fresh lease of life into reclaimed timber. Our experienced team of craftsman can impart a vintage look to new timber and can even use recycled timber to turn a completely new product out of it.  

We are known for our creative ideas and innovative designs. Each piece of benchtop we craft is unique, creative and completely original. So when you are looking to add a stylish piece of furniture to your space, you know where to go.   

Visit our showroom today to explore our collection and to discuss your idea for a custom benchtop. Click here or call 0488 029 108 now to schedule a visit. 

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