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Recycled Ironbark Posts & Timber

jaks timber brings to you an eclectic collection of ironbark timber salvaged from bridges, wharves and railways.

Ironbark is a premier Australian timber that’s known for its strength, hardness and durability. It is one of Australia’s top quality timbers and a crowd favourite for its stunning looks that catch the eye unlike any other.

Given its long-term durability, strength and resistance to rotting, it was a preferred choice for structural purposes. Many piers, wharfs, railways and bridges were built using ironbark timber. Today, ironbark is used for all types of constructions including posts, beams, poles, decking, flooring, joinery, furniture, benchtops, bars and even boats. 

Ironbark timber is categorised into two distinct varieties – red ironbark and gray ironbark. Both varieties are equally popular and suitable for internal as well as external applications.

  • Cabinetry
  • Flooring
  • Furtniture
  • Joinery

Include these stunning Ironbark furniture to amp up the décor.

Ironbark timber can be fashioned into the most stunning, and exquisite furniture, that will completely make you forget that these were once salvaged from railways and wharfs. When our experienced joinery artists have dealt with the ironbark timber posts, into custom-built furniture – tables, chairs, vanity sets, or even entertainment units, you’ll be welcoming a beautifully transformed WOW piece of furniture into your space. Recycled ironbark is an excellent option for flooring, and to create a wide range of cabinets for any part of your home or office.

Why Choose Ironbark Timber?

  • Extremely resistant to termites and lyctid borers. 
  • Although their predominant tone is red, Ironbark timber is available in an array of stunning shades ranging from deep reds to light pinks to grey browns and creams. 
  • This fire resistant timber is a perfect choice for bushfire prone areas. 
  • Class-1 durability in and above ground. 
  • Logged in compliance with Australian Forestry Standards. 
  • Janka hardness rating of 14.0.
  • It is highly resistant to fungal decay, robust and sturdy, which makes it a versatile option.

Quality Ironbark Timber Furniture at jaks Timber

With years of experience dealing with recycled timber, we offer a quality solution. As Australia’s leading timber suppliers, we assure you of genuine and authentic Ironbark timber as well as access to sound advice. 

Our expert furniture makers design and build stylish furniture to suit your requirements. With our bespoke joinery service, we build custom furniture to suit your specifications and requirements. 

Whether you are looking for recycled Ironbark table or Ironbark decking, we can bring your ideas to life. Call (03) 9311 0541 now to schedule a visit to our showroom in Sunshine West, Melbourne.

If you have any questions about any of our products or services get in touch with our team here!

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