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Recycled Timber Post & Beams Melbourne

Timber Vanities In Melbourne

Recycled timber posts and beams make for a wonderful decorative and structural feature that can add a unique characteristic and warmth to any interior or exterior space. If you are looking to buy hardwood posts in Melbourne, look no further.

jaks timber is a leading supplier of recycled timber beams and posts in an array of sizes with a finish to suit every application imaginable. Our recycled timber posts and beams are salvaged from unique historical sites including wharfs, bridges and warehouses.

Recycled Wharf Timber for Sale in Melbourne

Recycled wharf timber is re-milled from salvaged timber that is up to 100 years old. These posts are naturally seasoned to offer quality dense timber with minimum movement or shrinkage.

Bridge timber and wharf timber usually have features from their previous use. These features include nail and bolt holes, natural edges, pippy effect, checking and other rustic imperfections that are typical of aged recycled bridge timber, which provide a unique aesthetic to the timber beams.

External recycled timber posts tend to have higher rustic features owing to the weathering effect of the elements over several years as compared to warehouse timbers, which tend to have tidier and cleaner appearance after they are re-milled. So, if you are looking for a cleaner look, we can help you choose from our range of warehouse posts.

Recycled Timber Sizing and Finishes

At jaks timber, we offer timber posts and beams in an array of standard sizes. Having said that, we can also custom mill posts to your specifications to suit your application. If you are looking for custom timber beams and posts, let us know the dimensions you are looking for and we can have it milled to order per your specifications.

Our timber yard is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and our team of joinery specialists can mill and machine timber to the required dimensions and finish.

Our timber posts in Melbourne are available in an array of finishes including rough sawn, dressed all round, lightly sanded, grey weathered, pencil edged or hand wire brushed to suit your taste and application. They are also available as original weathered posts.

Visit Our Showroom Today

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to using recycled timber. Visit our showroom today to explore our expansive and constantly changing collection of timber posts and beams. Our friendly staff would be happy to provide sound advice so you can make an informed choice.

Call 0488 029 108 now to schedule an appointment.

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