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Messmate Timber Flooring

At jaks Timber, we offer an extensive stock of Messmate timber. In fact, Messmate is a primary type of timber we use to build our furniture. From cabinetry and flooring to joinery and furniture, recycled Messmate is suited for an array of residential and commercial applications. In fact, Messmate flooring is a popular choice in Australia.

Also known as Eucalyptus Obliqua, Australian Messmate is widely found in the South Eastern regions of Australia. Primarily found in Victoria and Tasmania and also found in some parts of Queensland and New South Wales, Messmate can grow as high as 90m tall.

  • Cabinetry
  • Flooring
  • Furtniture
  • Joinery

Recycled Messmate Specialists in Melbourne

We have an extensive stock of re-milled, recycled Messmate timber as well as Messmate flooring and other pieces of furniture. We source Messmate from joists, beams, purlins and trusses. They are purged of any metal and resized using bandsaw and planer. What’s more, our floorboards are secret-nail profiled and end-matched.

Boasting a Janka hardness rating of 7.1, Messmate is a highly versatile yet durable timber that can be easily cut, worked, stained and glued. In fact, it’s quite pliable and an excellent choice for steam bending processes.

Ranging in shades from pale brown to light yellow, Messmate boasts durability and character while offering a stunning addition to any project. Messmate has a moderately coarse yet even texture and features interlocking grains. The timber typically features gum veins, whirled grain patterns, squiggly worm trails, pinholes and natural stains from wind, fire and flood.

Get the Best Messmate Furniture at jaks Timber

With many years of experience in designing and building stylish furniture for homes and commercial spaces, jaks Timber can build custom furniture to suit your taste and specifications. Whether you are looking for quality recycled Messmate furniture or Messmate flooring, we have you covered.

Visit our showroom today to take a look at our collection of Messmate furniture and discuss your ideas. Call (03) 9311 0541 now for an appointment.

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