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Dressed Recycled Timber

Timber Flooring Melbourne

At jaks Timber, we are proud to provide in-house moulding services. We provide recycled dressed timber of high quality at the lowest prices in the market. In-house moulding allows us to dress and profile all of our recycled timber on-site, custom machining decking, floorboards and cladding to ensure we are able to bring customer visions to life. For premium-quality dressed timber in Melbourne, think only jaks Timber.

In-house moulding means more flexibility for us about how we machine our recycled timber and also faster turnaround times for our customers that required dressed timber for sale. This service allows us to work closely with customers to create unique timber features and products for a variety of projects ranging from residential features to large architectural features on commercial sites.

jaks Timber prides itself in providing high-quality dressed timber in Melbourne. Our dressed timber goes through a number of tests and inspections, and we give you nothing short of the best. Our dressed timber is strong and highly durable – which means a smooth and long life.

We also use the latest tools and techniques to manufacture and supply fully recycled dressed timber. jaks Timber procures high-quality used material and gets standard checks to ensure the durability of the timber. We minimise wastage and do our bit in saving the planet. All our processes are sustainable and have a low carbon footprint.

jaks Timber manufactures and supplies high-quality recycled dressed timber at the lowest prices available in the market today. If you are looking for dressed timber for sale, contact us to know the latest deals and discounts.

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