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Victorian Ash Timber for a Distinctive Touch

What if you could get a contemporary flooring system with a distinctive look for your home? Everything is possible with Ash timber flooring. Ash timber is known for its high stability and elasticity. This material is ideal for floors and offers unmatched durability.

Jaks Timber offers a wide range of Victorian Ash timber for sale. From high-end furniture pieces to flooring, we have hundreds of options for our customers. If you’re planning to renovate your home or build a new home, we have what it takes to create attractive and stylish flooring. We have a team of experts who combine their knowledge and industry experience to assist customers in choosing the right products for their homes.

Why choose Ash timber flooring?

Ash timber is one of the most durable, hard, and sturdy flooring materials. These attributes make this ash timber an ideal flooring choice for areas that receive moderate to high foot traffic.

Ash timber flooring also can absorb shock without splintering or cracking. The flooring looks like oak flooring and contains swirly grain patterns.

For many years, Jaks Timber has successfully delivered high-quality Ash timber flooring along with Victorian Ash timber furniture. From a custom timber desk to coffee tables, you can have plenty of furniture options when you choose the services of Jaks Timber. We ensure all our ash timber furniture products have excellent staining quality; they are not only attractive but last for longer.

You can shop for our Ash timber furniture and flooring range and decorate your space the way you want. The flooring once installed, will brighten up your home, adding a distinctive appeal.

We invite you to check out our collection of Victorian Ash timber for sale. We strive to deliver high-quality home decor products and materials at great prices

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