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Recycled Timber Stairs Melbourne

Melbourne Timber Stairs

Although stairs primarily serve a practical purpose, the use of timber treads can add a fascinating and visually stunning feature to your space. Here at jaks Timber, we specialise in bespoke timber stair treads in varying thicknesses and lengths.

Our recycled timber stairs are manufactured to the highest standards at our joinery in Melbourne. We stock a wide range of Australian timber species like European Oak, Messmate, Wormy Chestnut, Spotted Gum, Jarrah, Blackbutt and Tasmanian Oak.

Our staircase elements allow you to achieve that perfect combination of durability and aesthetics. Throw in some additional decorative features to impart a truly unique, stunning look. Whether you are looking to renovate your existing space or building a new home, our timber staircases can help you make a one-of-a-kind style statement.

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Customised Timber Stairs to Your Specs

Here at jaks timber, we believe that timber is the perfect material for constructing wood stairs. Not only is timber visually appealing but it’s highly durable too. And when you invest in recycled timber stairs, you are playing your role in conserving the environment.

We specialise in custom recycled timber stairs for a variety of tread styles. We manufacture all the parts that are required to build a staircase including treads, landings, stringers, balustrades, posts and handrails.

With an extensive range of recycled timber on stock, we can help you find the species, colour and texture that best fit your taste and style. Whether you are looking to achieve a minimalist look or aiming for a luxurious finish, we can work with you to achieve the desired look.

Types of Timber Stairs

  • Open Stairs – Open stairs do not have any risers. They typically feature a thicker string and tread material for strength.
  • Closed Stairs – These stairs have an exposed (or visible) stringer that’s usually stained or painted.
  • Concealed Stairs – In concealed stairs, the stringer is usually hidden or concealed beneath the risers and treads so they butt up against the plaster.
  • Cut Stairs – Cut stairs feature a stringer that’s laid in a zigzag pattern where the treads are exposed at either end.
  • Combination Stairs – These stairs essentially combine the elements from any two types of stairs for a completely unique look.

Why Choose jaks timber?

  • We work with residential as well as commercial projects
  • Completely made in Melbourne at our state-of-the-art joinery
  • Stairs that stand the test of time
  • Custom design
  • High quality recycled timber stairs
  • Wide range of timbers to choose from

Visit our showroom to explore our timber collection and for a free design consultation. Click here to make an appointment or call 0488 029 108.

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