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Shiplap Timber Cladding

External Wall Cladding

External timber cladding is a practical, functional and highly cost-effective form of external façade. It is becoming a favourite choice of builders, architects and homeowners looking to add a unique aesthetic to a property. You might have come across few yourselves commuting through Melbourne.

jaks timber offers timber cladding in an array of sizes and timber species for exterior and interior application in an array of finishes like rough sawn, dressed and wire brushed.

We supply new and recycled timber and are authorised suppliers of New Techwood external wall cladding systems.

Wide Range of Timber Cladding Panels

Timber cladding will add a touch of style and class to your property. Timber is a lightweight that’s fast becoming a preferred choice for designers, architects, contractors, renovators and homeowners alike.

No matter your project requirements, jaks Timber can supply the finest timber cladding panels to your specifications. Our timber cladding profiles are available in a variety of finishes and options:

  • Shiplap Cladding – Shiplap timber cladding is a profile of timber cladding where the hardwood boards have an overlapping joint as they join at the edges. This results in an architectural feature that looks stunning.
  • Charred Timber Cladding – Charred timber cladding relies on the ancient Japanese art of using charring timber to create beautiful cladding panels that create a stunning feature on your external façade.
  • Rough Sawn Timber Cladding – Straight off the saw, rough sawn timber cladding profiles boast a unique class of their own. They display the bolt and spike holes, the watermarks of the blade cooling down and all the features of the milling process.

Why jaks timber Cladding?

  • You get a custom solution that’s made for you. The result is a cladding solution that’s completely unique to you.
  • Whether you choose recycled shiplap cladding, rough sawn cladding or charred timber cladding, you receive extremely tough and durable panels that stand the test of time and the vagaries of the elements.
  • We combine traditional techniques and modern technology to deliver unique cladding solutions for each project.
  • Choose from an array of textures and finishes to suit your taste, style and architecture.

Need a Custom Cladding Solution? Contact jaks timber

At jaks timber, we can bring your timber cladding design ideas to life. Our state of the art facility allows us to customise our offerings to meet your project requirements. With our precision machining and moulding, we can match any existing profile.

Visit our Sunshine West, Melbourne showroom to explore our cladding display and discuss your project with our friendly staff. Call (03) 9311 0541 to schedule an appointment.

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