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recycled timber

New Vs Recycled Timber – What to Know Before You Buy

Timber is a popular choice for construction, furniture as well as flooring throughout the world. You can always go for fresh timber from new lumber, but recycled timber is also a great choice. So how exactly do these two different types of timber compare? Let us have a look at a few different aspects and how each type of timber compares to each parameter.


The texture and characteristics of both new and recycled timber in Melbourne differ a lot. While new timber has a good texture as a lot of hard work goes into finishing it, recycled timber is renowned for a finer texture. The knots are known to be solid and the grains are fine and intricate.

Colour Variation

Colour variation is yet another important factor to finalise the type of timber you want to buy. Fresh timber has more homogenous colours. The colour pattern is consistent, and you are less likely to witness a huge contrast between colours on the same surface.

Recycled timber, on the other hand, has more heterogeneous colours. You can get a good mix of colours, which also gives a unique look to your furniture, flooring and other products carved out of timber.


Costing is yet another important factor when it comes to selecting the appropriate timber type. The popular belief is that anything that is recycled is always cheaper. The same is not always true and is actually the opposite – especially in the case of timber.

Australian recycled timber is usually more expensive than new timber of the same size or quantity. Since a lot of hard work goes behind recycling timber, the cost of labour is also added to the overall cost. Reclaimed timber is also quite rare and not easily available. Therefore, you can always expect new timber to be cheaper than reclaimed timber.


As mentioned above, recycled timber is not always that easily available. It is not available in every nook and corner of the country, while you would get new timber easily in almost all parts of Australia. New hardwood flooring is usually easier to source compared to recycled timber.

Besides, you can also easily get many variations of new timber compared to recycled timber. People buying reclaimed timber have to often compromise with whatever is available. If you are following a specific timeframe or have a fixed deadline to source the material, choosing new timber is usually the safe option.


Reclaimed wood does not require disruption of the natural environment the way new timber does. Since you are using something that has already been used, your carbon footprint is lower. If you are someone who is really compassionate towards the environment, reclaimed timber is a good option.

Good-quality Australian recycled timber is also more durable than new timber, which means you won’t need to replace it anytime soon. The look is stylish and refreshing, while the earthy and organic nature of the material is maintained.


The life of timber depends on the class or grade. Class 1 is more durable and long-lasting, while Class 4 timber is not as durable or strong. Rather than the age of the material, the lifespan depends on the inherent quality. So always ask the class before buying Australian recycled timber.

Consider all the above factors before buying timber. If you are looking for something that is more eco-friendly and offers a regal look, go for recycled timber. Otherwise, new timber could be the best option for you.

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